Chicken Dance Trail - Southwest Nebraska Birding Trail

The Chicken Dance Trail is system of Birding and Wildlife Viewing trails developed by local residents. Information on local attractions and ammenities in included, with plenty of local flavor. Trails include the Rainwater Basin Adventure, Loess Canyon Adventure, Sandsage Prairie Adventure and Medicine Creek Adventure.

    "Out beyond the great Midwestern cities, the land opens up and the pavement gives way to fields and streams, to prairie, rills and endless sky. Right in the center of North America's central flyway, millions of birds of all shapes, sizes and species pass through this area every year. If you know where to look — and that's the key — you can see an uncommon variety, and, if you're dedicated, knowledgeable and lucky, you can often make unusual and interesting sightings.    We live here. We put together this site to help birders discover an area rich not only in birds, but in history and culture, with its own brand of inspiring scenery. As you travel each trail, we've included our own recommendations of some of the places you might like to stop, including good local restaurants (we eat there ourselves), places to stay and points of interest. Each loop is a different terrain and habitat and encompasses a number of sites along the highway or secondary roads. An interactive map for each loop describes the sites, common birds and points of interest in the area. " - Betty Sayers