Shoemaker Island Road

Located in Hall County, 2 miles south of the I-80 Alda Exit 305, running west to 1 mile south of the Wood River I-80 Exit 300. This gravel road traverses the length of Shoemaker Island, where many wet meadows attract foraging flocks of cranes. There are also large stands of riparian forest where rose-breasted and black-headed grosbeaks can be observed along with eastern wood-pewees, wild turkeys and red-headed woodpeckers. The entire area is privately owned, so birding away from the road requires landowner permission. Cattle egrets, black-billed magpies and eastern bluebirds are common here. Road ditches often contain some water and wood ducks, sora rails and American bitterns sometimes make use of them. Greater prairie-chickens have been infrequently observed booming on this island in the past. American woodcocks perform their courtship skydance along the wooded river drainage in April and May.

Platte River at Shoemaker Island with snow geese  Photo by Paul A. Johnsgard




Approximate Coordinates
40.771 N, -98.532 W


Google Map

Map of Shoemaker Island Road area.

Birding Region
Central Platte/Western Rainwater Basins

Ecological Region
Central Platte Valley

Platte Valley Trail

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